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  1. Just noticed your interval (matrix) book, looks very nice. I guess you must have already seen the exercises of Dave Liebman on intervals, also an interesting idea. Somehow I see (saw) his ideas as precursors to George Garzone’s intervalic system. Another interesting book which has some nice interval studies in – believe it or not – is Eric Marienthal! He had a very nice book which had some excellent ideas for developing intervals, although I never heard him using that type of material in his solos.

    Thanks for the blog, interesting stuff.

  2. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog and Interval Matrix. I hope you’ll stay tuned. James

  3. Hello James,
    Thank you very much for the method. Some great ideas inside for improvisation. I’m a French double bassist and this book gives you lots of ideas and it’s useful too for technique and scale stuff.
    Thanks too for your transcriptions and your blog.
    Happy new year and all the best for you,
    Take care, see you,

  4. JB,

    Thanks so much for your comments about my book and the blog. They mean a lot to me. All the best in the new year and stay tuned… JM

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